About Us

Since 2013, our Company ;

• Parking lot and road painting
• Road and parking signs
• Traffic safety products

Our company, which grows every year in this direction, operates in sales and application areas. Thanks to the infrastructure based on work experience, commercial accumulation gained through many projects and customer satisfaction oriented service concept our Company has taken its place in the sector. Sinerji aims to increase customer satisfaction by constantly improving its products with quality materials. Our company responds to all demands of individuals and institutions that demand goods and services with the same seriousness and care, regardless of the scale of the business.


We in Sinerji Trafik

Unconditional customer satisfaction is our basic principle in our Company. In an environment where competition is increasing in almost all markets in the world and the time to enter the market is shorter and margins are decreasing, it is very important for our company to reach the customer more effectively and to shape the products and services in this direction by understanding the wishes of the customer. The primary criterion of our Company is not “the price” but the “quality”. Working with the world’s leading suppliers in its field, our Company supplies its customers with reliable and quality materials under the most favorable conditions. From the right product selection till after-sales technical services, our Company established costumer communication on the principle of “openness” and adopted maintaining the “honest business” opinion in the eyes of its customers as the reason for its existence.