Parking Lot Painting Project

Parking Lot Painting Application

Parking Column Painting Application
In our applied parking lot painting and column painting project we determine the entire parking lot and the number of vehicles, and the directions of parking entrance and exit, then our work begins with this information at the end.


Parking Lot Painting

The planned lines are painted in colors that can be clearly seen by the drivers and aimed to prevent possible mistakes in advance. When necessary, double compenant paint is applied to the places where parking should not be applied, and when drivers come over these areas with this absence, the wheels of their vehicles are shaken and a physical warning to the driver.


Column Painting

All Columns are painted to the specified standards and made visible, depending on the request, the columns are numbered, and in this way the driver does not have any difficulty finding his vehicle afterwards. In multi-storey car parks, each floor can be painted in different colors to prevent possible confusion.